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Administration of Owner Communities

• We belive to make a difference in the direct contact, which we keep cordial and personalised with our customers. This makes it easier to follow up on the matters and possible needs of the community.

• We take care of everything right from the creation of the community, which is reception of the C.I.F., legalisation of the minute book, registration to the supply chains electricity, water, gas, aquisition of insurances, creating a database with data of the owners, hiring of providers or industrials, like maintenance companies.

• We prepare the annual cost estimate for the owners with the legal points of reference. We do the billing of the additional charges according to the distribution rates, that have been agreed upon by the community of owners.

• We manage the creation of the cost report of the community bills, ordinary and extraordinary quotas.

• Due to the fact that we dispose of a specialized accountancy department we can present the community accounts as well as possible advances that might be requested by the committee at concrete dates in a timely manner.

• Follow-up on possible receivables and dilatorinesses, iniciating the necessary processes for their juridical complaint, with forwarding to the corresponding professionals of law.

• We create the pay slips and social security of the employees of urban property, concierges, doormen and cleaning employees.

• We hold periodical meetings with the members of the committee to fix the next call-up corresponding to the needs of the moment.

• We dispose of collaborators of all kind, arquitects, construction managers, engineers,etc., to realise the necessary studies before accomplishing the possibly necessary construction works or refurbishments. Furthermore we also collaborate with qualified construction companies like bricklayers, plumbers and electricians.

• We have a special program for follow-up and control of possible incidents.

• We will inform you about the different regulations affecting the community and compulsory inspections.

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