Renting Management

• One of our other specialities since 1988 is vertical estate, in other words rental management. The fact that we are accredited administrators, inscribed in the registry of Real Estate Agents at the Generalitat de Cataluña, gives you additional garanty on our services. Once you contact us, we repair to your estate without any charges for you to evaluate the possible rent as well as the necessity to mend or refurbish. All this without initial costs for you.

• Due to our office’s location close to Plaza España our activities mainly take place in the districts of Sants, Les Corts and Poble Sec.

• From the moment when you entrust us with the rental management, we create a small photographic dossier and publish it to different real estate networks, especially at the ’Borsa de Lloguers’ in Barcelona (official chamber of administrators) and at (official chamber of real estate agents). We conduct the visits with possible tenants and give to them all information regarding the dwelling, shop or business room, as well as the contract charges. In the case of an affirmative answer we follow up on the received information, in some cases we might advise you to get additional garanties and finally we pass the tenant to you. We will pass to you all received data to make you able to take a decision from your side.

• We offer you the possibility to conclude an insurance for possible receivables of rent or for the case of damage to your property.

• We will register the rental contract with all garanties at the officil registry.

• If you wish we administrate all of the associated tasks, like controlling the official increasement of the rent, as well as the foreseen expiration of the rental contract. We pay directly all accessory charges of the community for you or any other that you might delegate to us.

• We process all possible incidences that might occur and inform you about them in a timely manner so that you are able to take the most convenient decisions.

• We collect the rent for you on a monthly basis, by using all necessary information at the carrying out.

• Two lawyers, specialised in real estate, collaborate with our office, so that in case of need we can also provide you with juridical consulting or any juridical processings, claims for outstanding debts, etc.

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