Selling Management

• We are agents of the Estate Property Agency and are registered in the registry of real estate agents of the Generalitat de Cataluña, which presents an additional garanty without a doub.

• The moment you entrust us with the selling management, we can come to your property against a minimum charge, to evaluate its market value and to determine a possible selling price, corresponding to the market prices of the district and the condition of the building.

• In some cases we might advise you to undertake some renovations, like painting or partial rehabilitations to increase the selling price pr the number of interested buyers. For these cases we can place professionals with competetive prices.

• As soon as a selling prices has been agreed by you it will be converted into an order and any offer by possible buyers will be passed on to you immediately for your personal review.

• Once a price has been agreed a canonic contract for the sell will be set up. Bevor that we will take care of the notarial processes between the seller and the buyer, advising and accompanying them the day of the signing.

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